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Secret Sound Backup List

Secret Sound Backup List

There’s no better feeling than winning money… and we love giving it away

We play the classics, so we're bringing one back.... Gippsland's Gold Secret Sound !

It’s simple… guess the sound, win the cash!

We play Weekdays mornings at 6:45 with Jon & Kate, and Weekday Afternoons at 1 and 5 with Inga or Jules

Call 1300 001 242 to play, or get on the backup list below.

* please note, our preference is listeners calling in to play. The backup list is used as required.

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Enter the backup list below.

Current incorrect guesses:


Camera Shutter

Cutting Plastic Wrap

Measuring tape being retracted

Manual Credit Card Machine


Knife being pulled out of a sheath

Old fax machine cutting paper off

Biting into an apple

Leaver of a bolt action rifle

Can opener

Cassette being put into a cassette player

Money going into a parking meter

Tapping on an electric keyboard


A CD or DVD sliding in or out of the player

Winding up and old Clock

Hole Punch

Crushing a can

VHS going into a player

Flicking a deck of cards

Dog Door

Dyno Labeller

View Master

Clicking a seatbelt

A sticky tape dispenser

Hanging up a phone

Hotel door room key

Slide projecter

Retail Pricing Gun

Salt or Pepper Grinder

Taking the lid off yogurt

Retractable telescope

Nail Gun

Removing a key from a lock


Letter Opener

Mobile phone camera taking a photo

Shovelling gravel

Rolling dice

Putting a key into the ignition

Ring pull can opening

Roller blind being pulled up

Record in a jukebox

a coffee machine

An ATM dispensing money

Clicking down a toaster

Closing a security door

Vending machine dispensing something


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