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File photo: Yallourn power station and mine

Yallourn Inquiry call

Yallourn Inquiry call

File photo: Yallourn power station and mine

Call for inquiry into Yallourn river diversion cracking and power risk

Community and environment groups are calling for an inquiry into substantial cracking of the Morwell River Diversion at the Yallourn coal mine during the June floods.

The Australian Electricity Market Operator (AEMO) says until repairs are completed Yallourn poses a risk to summer electricity supplies.

Dr Nicholas Aberle from Environment Victoria says the June damage impacting power station operations wasn't the first. The station was shut down in 2012 when the mine was flooded, and he believes an Inquiry is needed.

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The groups, led by Environmental Justice Australia and Environment Victoria and supported by VR Fish and Latrobe Valley and Gippsland community groups, sent a formal letter addressed to the Victorian Premier two weeks ago.

The letter argues that an independent investigation of the causes would provide confidence to the AEMO that future problems at the mine can be avoided.

The state government says they will not be ordering an Inquiry and will leave the matter with the Mining Industry Regulator.

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