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Water safe Gippsland

Water safe Gippsland

Gippsland Water Police on patrol

Now that we're in summer and the days are heating up, more people will be out and about on around Gippsland's lakes, waterways and beaches.

Members of Gippsland Water Police, local police and Parks Victoria will be patrolling these areas as well as beaches and camping areas nearby.

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Police are asking people to familiarise themselves with boating laws, PWC laws and local laws including:
* 5 Knot zones
* No boating zones
* Life Jackets
* Safety Equipment
* Hoon Laws
* Alcohol & Drugs
* Beach Fires
* Litter

Gippsland Water Police say: Be responsible, be safe and enjoy what Gippsland has to offer.

More information on recreational boating in Victoria, including PWC laws, go to:

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