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Watch out for roos

Watch out for roos

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Gippsland drivers warned that kangaroos are on the hop

As kangaroo breeding season gets into full swing, drivers in Gippsland are being asked to be alert.

The Department of Transport says motorists should be on the lookout for an increase in kangaroos on our roads as wildlife becomes more active in the Spring season.

The risk has been compounded by increased rainfall across Gippsland, making grass at roadsides fresher and more appealing to kangaroos.

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Ten of the 62 recorded collisions involving wildlife in regional Victoria in 2019 occurred in Gippsland. Five of those were in the Wellington Shire, while Bass Coast had two, and East Gippsland, South Gippsland and latrobe City had one each.

The majority of those recorded incidents happened in October and November.

Colliding with an animal as large as a kangaroo can not only damage a vehicle but can also cause serious injury to motorists and passengers. In 2019, 21% of collisions on Victorian roads involving kangaroos resulted in serious injury to occupants.

Drivers are being asked to be more cautious, particularly at dawn and dusk.

Motorists who encounter injured wildlife should contact Wildlife Victoria on 8400 7300.

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