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Students and Teachers from TAFE Gippsland raising funds for their sponsor child.

Walking For Amon

Walking For Amon

Students and Teachers from TAFE Gippsland raising funds for their sponsor child.

TAFE Gippsland VCAL Students Hold Fund Raising Walk For Sponsor Child

By Pat Gordon

VCAL students from TAFE Gippsland's Morwell campus are today undertaking a four-hour, 200 kilometre walk around Morwell's Kernot Lake, to raise funds for a Ugandan foster child.

VCAL students will walk up to 10 kilometres each during the day, representing the daily return walk that eight-year old Amon undertakes to attend his local school in Uganda.

Over the past three years, staff at Morwell's VCAL department have sponsored Amon through One Planet Classroom to the tune of $200 each year, which allows the child to attend school along with uniform, books and daily lunch.

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The current crop of students resonated with the challenges that Amon faces to get an education in his country, and began walking around Kernot Lake (approx 1km) to get a feel for what Amon contends with each day.

Student Joseph Cooke, says that the idea of being able to help Amon achieve an education seems like the right thing to do.

"We thought we'd take a bit of initiative with our fundraising this year, and actually experience what he does because he has to walk a pretty long way to school"

"We thought we'd sort of try and match him, and that's why we are out here today walking 200 laps of the lake, which comes close to about 200 kilometres".

VCAL Teacher David Wakefield says the students have reacted well to the fundraising effort.

"With applied learning or the VCAL program its all about putting learning into action, this is a chance for our students to do, rather than talk about things, so that they are actually walking the laps and going through the physical motions"

"We get regular photos and updates, letters back from him (Amon), its great the students see that and can sort of see the changes over the years"

"Even though they might have only been here for the year, we still show them where he was a couple of years ago and show them the improvements he is going through in his life".

Amon (Left) and the current class of VCAL Students raising funds to go towards his schooling (Right) - Images Supplied

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