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Turning To Pets In Iso

Turning To Pets In Iso

Surge in pet adoption as people look to make isolation more lively.

Animal shelters in Gippsland are seeing a major increase in pet adoption now that people have more time on their hands and are house bound.

In the weeks since coronavirus lockdowns began, animal shelters across Gippsland have in some cases seen cat adoptions double.

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Operations Manager at Animal Aid Gippsland Debbie Goddard said if people are adopting to cure loneliness or boredom, it's important to also consider the pet's emotional health as their home life normalcy keeps shifting.

"We are giving people tools about how to introduce them. Don't smother them with attention all the time when you're at home. If they're going to be outside when you're at work, then they need to be outside during the day now."

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