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Truth Bomb

Truth Bomb

'Truth Bomb' to premiere in Traralgon

A new stage performance set to debut in Traralgon tomorrow evening, will soon head to the Sydney and Melbourne Fringe Festivals

Truth Bomb is a string of short performance pieces and a music video linked by a single prop, which mixes a range of genres through a tongue in cheek look at life, while tackling some serious issues.

It is one persons perspective on society and how they travel through it. Some witnessed, some experienced, some imagined.

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The music video is a domestic violence survivor story, the rest of the pieces are a lighthearted poke in general at relationships, our apparent addiction to social media and how sometimes growing from a teenager in the 90’s to turning 40 in 2019 can be anything but straight..... forward.

Kerri Gannan who will perform the show, says that it crosses through a range of life experiences.

"It's a bit of a mixed bag of genre, it revolves around truths, some of it my own truth, some that I've witnessed and some I've experienced, it's a tongue in cheek poke at life" said Gannan.

Speaking about the music video which forms part of the show, Kerri shed some light on the background to the song.

"The track is called 'A Place Called Home', I wrote it around 15 - 20 years ago and its about leaving a violent situation. I wrote it when it was only relevant to one person in my life who i watched and helped go through a domestic violence relationship and come out the other side".

"The trouble is now its relevant to not just that person, but a majority of people I've come across, there's been a select few that haven't experienced it and unfortunately I've also experienced some, so not only is it relevant to many people within my life, its relevant to myself"

"I didn't think back then when i wrote it, that it would have such meaning this far on".

Truth Bomb begins at The VRI Hall in Traralgon on Thursday the 15th of August at 7pm, tickets are available online, or at the door.

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