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Thomas London bound

Thomas London bound

Traralgon singer is UK bound after supporting mental health charity

Traralgon's Thomas Headon is packing his bags for a move to the UK next week, but not before handing some money over to a mental health organisation.

Anything that helps break down the stigma around mental health is a good thing, which is why the 18 year old singer sent 50 percent of the first two weeks of download fees for his new song to LIVIN.

Thomas released Friends last month and at 50 cents per download, he was able to send LIVIN $350 to support their efforts to reduce the stigma that causes too many people with a mental illness to suffer in silence.

Thomas's focus is now on a major and rather bold step forward for the young musician, that is to relocate from Traralgon to London to further his music career.

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Thomas is an amazingly gifted singer-songwriter who has been busy in his home studio writing and recording original songs about life, relationships and the world around him. His live shows, including busking in Melbourne and on Phillip Island, includes covers of many popular hit songs.

Thomas is now ready to take that to the next level with the help of a contact in the UK. He doesn't know how long he'll be there as the whole adventure is a step into the unknown.

There's no doubt though that he'll give it everything he can and hope for the best.

Thomas was born in the UK and moved to Australia when he was six.

Thomas is on Instagram and Facebook as well as YouTube and Soundcloud.

Click HERE to learn more about LIVIN.

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