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Jay Doorty from Latrobe Streetgames shows his skating style. Sessions for FLO students happen Thursdays at the Morwell skate park.

Skating with the FLO

Skating with the FLO

Jay Doorty from Latrobe Streetgames shows his skating style. Sessions for FLO students happen Thursdays at the Morwell skate park.

Skate School has more Valley students engaged

The Latrobe Valley Flexible Learning Option school has seen a boost in engagement with Gippsport’s Latrobe Streetgames weekly skate and scooter classes.

Participation increased in term 3 and 4 of 2019 and is set to continue this term.

FLO teacher Nicholas King has seen for himself the increase in student attendance and engagement since the classes were trialled last year.

“It’s all about getting students back to school and getting them interested in something they really enjoy," Mr King said.

"So skating, scooters, getting out at the skate park, getting creative, learning new things and being connected to school which is really really important.

"Skate School has been fantastic. With Tom and Jay coaching the kids, they’ve been turning up every week. The students that would not normally go to a mainstream school are now coming to school.”

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The classes have attracted students to attend school more regularly on these days. Skate School has helped them feel more engaged and alert throughout the school day.

Kobe is one of the students who has been anticipating in the program.

“Skate School’s been really good, really positive," Kobe said.

"It just makes everything better, everyone’s happy and learning new stuff.

"Just having a better morning, feeling better 'cos everyone’s really bright around here and it just makes everyone feel a bit better.”

Latrobe Streetgames head coach Jay Doorty has been running these classes, building mentor relationships with students. Jay has helped them develop their skate and scoot skills and enjoys seeing them learn and grow.

“Being able to learn in an environment where the students don’t feel so intimidated is really good," Jay said.

"It’s a space they are more comfortable in, because a lot of the students spend a lot of time here outside of school too.

"It’s also a great opportunity to teach the students about skate park etiquette, sharing the park with community, and keeping safe. Just seeing the students grow around these sports and wanting to get involved and come to school is really awesome.”

Running for the past 18 months, Gippsport’s Latrobe Streetgames is an award-winning program that runs free regular social and modified sports events across the Latrobe Valley. They also have a weekly skate club, Skate Park League competitions, and skate clinics and jams for the broader community.

Latrobe Valley Flexible Learning Option (LV FLO) was established in July 2014 as a partnership between three government secondary colleges in the Latrobe Valley: Kurnai College, Lowanna College and Traralgon College.

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