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Shadow ministries

Shadow ministries

Four shadow ministries for Tim Bull

Gippsland National and Liberal MPs have been assigned portfolios in the state opposition's shadow ministry.

The Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, is in the shadow cabinet in the areas of Carers & Disability, Veterans Affairs, Racing and Fishing & Boating.

Eastern Victoria MP Ed O'Donohue is the shadow Attorney-General.

Three MPs are shadow Assistant Ministers:
Melina Bath (Eastern Victoria) for Public Land Use.
Gary Blackwood (Narracan) for Forestry.
Danny O’Brien (Gippsland South) for Regional Health and for Ambulance Services.

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The Liberal-Nationals said their new shadow cabinet is a balance of skills and experience with an injection of new talent to help them "win the contest of ideas over how best to take Victoria forward."

Nationals leader and Deputy Opposition Leader, Peter Walsh, will serve as Shadow Minister for Regional Victoria and Decentralisation, Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

The shadow cabinet team will develop the key policies the Coalition will take to the next election.

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