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Record hot temps

Record hot temps

Gippsland had its hottest summer on record

The weather bureau says we've just had the hottest summer on record, thanks to some particularly hot days in January.

Senior Climatologist Dr Blair Trewin says Gippsland was also down on rainfall.

"In Victoria is was the hottest summer on record with particularly hot conditions in much of northern Victoria and in Gippsland.

"It came in at about 2.5 degrees above the long-term average.

"Central and West Gippsland were particularly dry. They came in at about half of the average rainfall for summer in those areas."

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Autumn is getting off to a hot start with temperatures in the high 30s inland from Gippsland's coast.

Fire patrols have been increased for the next few days with hot northerly winds predicted and the chance of lightning.

A community meeting will be held in Heyfield tonight as fire crews continue their work to contain the bushfire near Walhalla.

There is still fire activity within its perimeter which is being closely monitored by field personnel, aided by aircraft with Infra Red Technology.

The meeting is at 7pm at the Heyfield Football Club.

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