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Rain pounds coast

Rain pounds coast

South and Central Gippsland in rain zone

The risk of flooding is increasing in rivers and catchments across Gippsland, after falls of up to 60 millimetres and even higher in places.

All local river systems are the subject of a Flood Watch and there are warnings of flooding in the higher reaches of the Snowy River.

It's been a wet 24 hours in parts of Gippsland, with rain continuing today along the coastal areas of South and Central Gippsland and up into the Strzelecki Ranges.

Senior weather bureau forecaster Michael Laczko said areas closer to the coast got the most of yesterday's wind and rain.

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"Generally we've seen between 30 and 60 millimetres of rainfall through most of the listening area (Latrobe Valley to Orbost)," Michael said, "focused more about coastal areas and also towards the Strzelecki Ranges, just south of the Valley."

"Some of the totals in the last 24 hours were 89mm at Yarram, 72mm at Bairnsdale and 56mm at East Sale," Michael said.

The weather bureau has issued a severe weather warning for Gippsland's southern areas.

"The rain has largely moved into western and southern Gippsland, particularly about Wilsons Promontory, the Strzelecki Ranges and areas of the coast just south and west of Sale.

"It should still be rainy on and off through the day through the Latrobe Valley as well.

"So the rain about those southern coastal areas is likely to be heavy at times during this morning," Michael said.

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