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Passing it on

Passing it on

Opportunities to teach at TAFE Gippsland

TAFE Gippsland is looking for people with on-the-job experience, skills and a relevant vocational qualification to train and support Gippsland’s next generation of workers.

As the Victorian Government’s $172 million Free TAFE initiative draws thousands of students to TAFE, opportunities are opening up with a growing demand for teachers.

After a career in the hospitality industry and owning and managing his own business, Joe Liccardi became a hospitality trainer at TAFE four years ago.

“I really enjoyed training and developing staff as a manager in my own business and wanted to help increase the level of hospitality service in the Gippsland area. It was also lifestyle choice that allowed me to spend more time with my family,” Mr Licciardi said.

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Whether you’re keen to shift gears and start teaching, or considering a return to the workforce, leverage your hard-earned industry skills and experience by teaching at TAFE.

For Jan-Maree Constantine, it was the desire to want to pass on her knowledge as a hairdresser that led her to become a hairdressing teacher at TAFE 10 years ago.

“Watching my students develop into amazing hairdressers with the confidence I have enabled in them and positive attitude to always give 110% to what they are doing, is the most rewarding experience,” Ms Constantine said.

“I still work three days a week in a salon which allows me to keep up to date with the latest trends, while also shaping the next generation of hairdressers in Gippsland.”

At TAFE Gippsland, we are after more people like Mr Liccardi and Ms Constantine to teach the next generation of Gippslanders.

Victorian TAFEs are offering scholarships to industry experts to gain a qualification to teach at TAFE. Eligibility criteria may apply.

For more information on job vacancies, scholarships and how to become a TAFE teacher visit the website. For more specific information visit:

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