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Orbost test results

Orbost test results

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Covid test results for Orbost and Marlo residents

Orbost Regional Health says more than 330 local people have been tested for Covid-19 with results all negative... so far. However there will be more testing.

Last week's tests followed the visit of a Covid-positive person from Melbourne ten days ago.

The health service says everyone who was tested should continue to self-isolate until they receive a phone call.

Those who were told they need to be retested on day 11 after contact, need to remain in isolation until after being retested, and further results are received.

See below for a statement by Orbost Regional Health and a response by Tim Bull MP.

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Statement posted on Facebook by Orbost Regional Health:

We tested 332 people for COVID-19 last week, and 99 percent of the results have come back.

All results have been negative so far.

We are now in the process of calling everyone who was tested to inform them of their result. If you are waiting for your test result, please don’t come into the hospital or the clinic requesting your results. You should be self-isolating, which means not going anywhere, for any reason.

We will call you.

It will take some time for us to call everyone that was tested, but we are getting it done. We urge the community to be patient in waiting for the call.

Please pick up the phone if a call from the hospital is coming through and help us to complete this process quicker.

Here are a few important reminders:
(Please help us keep this community informed and up-to-date by sharing these messages with your neighbours, friends and family.)
• People who have been instructed to self-isolate MUST remain in self-isolation.
• People in self-isolation need to ask friends or relatives who are not in self-isolation to get groceries or medications for them or arrange for home delivery.
• If people have been advised that they need to be retested on day 11 after contact, you will need to remain in isolation until after being retested and further results are received.
• Please do not contact the Orbost Medical Clinic for results, you will be notified by phone when results are received.
• Anyone who develops any minor symptoms must arrange to be tested as soon as possible. Testing for people with symptoms is available at the Orbost Medical Clinic. Phone 5154 6777 to make an appointment for testing.

If you have any questions about self isolation, visit


The Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, responds:

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull has praised Orbost Regional Health, local businesses and community members to their response to last week’s COVID scare, while being critical of the State Government for its appalling response.

“To have someone visit the region all weekend pending a COVID test and then be advised she was positive on Monday, put a scare through the community. She advised Department tracers on Monday afternoon where she had been, but it was not until Friday afternoon the first businesses were contacted,” said Mr Bull.

“By 8am Wednesday morning, a pop-up testing facility was operational at the Orbost Football Club to test those who were advised by the Department they were ‘close contacts’. But they dropped the ball completely, businesses were not notified for four days, let alone individuals.

“This is simply not good enough, especially when Premier Andrews constantly repeats people will be contacted within 24 hours in such situations.

“Thankfully Orbost Regional Health was on the ball and opened up the clinic for those who were symptomatic or had concerns they may have crossed paths with the person in question.

“The ORH team led by Vicki Farthing, is to be commended on its course of action, as are the local businesses which got on the front foot and had the appropriate cleaning undertaken as soon as they could.

“The Marlo Hotel, one of the impacted locations was contacted at 7.30 on Friday night, told the person was there the previous Friday and Saturday (when it was actually Saturday and Sunday) and advised to close the doors and clean the premises.

“Talk about too little too late.

“Imagine if they had waited for the official advice. Thankfully publican Russell Bates and his team were on the front foot, had the place cleaned and staff sent for testing days before this call was received.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the way the community handled this unwelcomed situation,” said Mr Bull

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