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Off leash attack

Off leash attack

Witnesses to Morwell dog attack sought

Police are looking for the owner of a dog that attacked another dog at Kernot Lake in Morwell last Saturday.

What was believed to be a bull mastiff or bull terrier that was allegedly being walked off-leash when it snatched a poodle from a woman's arms and attacked it.

The full police report is below.

Any witnesses are being asked to contact Morwell Police.

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Report from Victoria Police - Latrobe

On Saturday 15 December, a female and her adult son were walking her poodle at the Kernot Hall Lake at 10am. As they walked towards the Waratah Training Restaurant from the pond area they noticed a male and a female aged in their mid to late 30s walking 2 dogs. However only 1 of the dogs was on a leash. The dogs are described as bull mastiff or bull terrier breed.

As the female noticed these dogs, she picked her poodle up out of concern. The unleashed dog then charged at the female grabbing the poodle out of her arms. The female's son attempted to pull the poodle's head out of the dog's mouth with the assistance of the other owner. Once the poodle was released, the male and female then left the are in a small red car. The dog is described as being white and grey in colour.

Police are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the event or know the whereabouts of the dogs to contact First Constable RAVENHALL at Morwell Police Station on 5131 5000.

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