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No new case

No new case

A false Covid report for Latrobe as region comes out of lockdown

Gippsland can open up again tomorrow with lockdown to be lifted at midnight. People across the region will be allowed to leave their homes for any reason.

Police will be making sure Melburnians don't sneak into Gippsland when we are released from lockdown.

Premier Daniel Andrews has warned that drivers can expect to see more police on regional roads. Police patrols on the Gippsland-metro border will be stepped up.

Gippsland businesses will still receive cash grants promised by the state government for next week, even though the lockdown is ending.

The state government said automatic deposits ranging from $5,600 to $40,000 will go ahead as intended.

However, Gippsland upper house MP Melina Bath said a change in business coding is preventing local small businesses from receiving government support.

Ms Bath said take-away food outlets in shopping centres were eligible for support last year but now they not, even though there is minimal foot traffic through the centres.

Below... no new Covid case in Latrobe

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The Gippsland Region Public Health Unit says there is no new positive Covid case in Latrobe City after one was mentioned in media briefings yesterday.

The Unit said they were notified that a local person could have potentially been exposed to the virus but testing returned a negative result.

Gippsland currently has only one active case which is at Poowong.

Meanwhile, Gippsland farmers are being urged to ensure contingency plans are in place to protect their businesses from Covid.

Agriculture Victoria is encouraging local landholders to consider how they would cope if they, or one of their workers, needed to self-isolate.

They said local farmers should be prepared.

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