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New Quit campaign

New Quit campaign

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New research highlights the immediate and deadly effects of cigarette smoke

Smokers across Gippsland are being urged to quit as a new campaign is launched to highlight the link between cigarette smoke and heart disease.

Recent figures revealed Gippsland to have the highest smoking rates of all Victorian regions with 20 percent of adults smoking daily or occasionally. In the Latrobe Valley it's even higher at 24 percent.

The new campaign shows that within minutes of inhaling cigarette smoke, the blood starts to become 'sticky' and increases the chance of dangerous blood clots and heart attack.

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It follows a recent Australian study which found cardiovascular disease is almost three times higher for current smokers than those who've never smoked.

Doctor Sarah White from Quit says every cigarette is doing damage.

She said regardless of age, stopping smoking is the single best thing any person who
smokes can do to improve their health.

“Quitting is possible,” said Dr White.

"The best way to stop smoking is with support from Quitline (13 7848) and with stop smoking medications, like the nicotine patch and gum.

"Call the Quitline today or speak to your GP or visit the Quit web site.

“It is never too late to stop smoking, and we hope this campaign will really get this message across,” Dr White said.

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