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More Bridge Replacements

More Bridge Replacements

East Gippsland Shire has appointed the contracts for 4 more Bridge Replacements

The East Gippsland Shire Council has announced the next four timber bridges to be replaced in the region.

Contracts have been awarded for the Pages Road and Harmans Road bridges in Johnsonville to Jarvis Norwood Constructions, as well as the Boyds Road bridge at Mount Taylor.

Tambo Constructions has secured the contract to build the Tices Road bridge at Omeo.

Acting General Manager of Assets and Environment Mark Burnett explained why load limits are put in place.

“By keeping heavier vehicles off bridges that are showing signs of structural fatigue, load limits can extend the life of a bridge. However, this is not ideal as it limits access routes. Our bridge renewal program has reduced the number of council-managed bridges with a load limit to just 13,” Mr Burnett said.

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Without a major upgrade the Pages Road, Johnsonville bridge would need a load limit applied within the next year. The new single span bridge is expected to take six weeks to complete.

The Harmans Road, Johnsonville bridge will be a two-span bridge. In 2016, a steel pile was driven into the centre of the bridge to reduce load on the bridge components allowing the bridge to remain without a load limit. During construction, which will be under 10 weeks, a side track will be installed.

Boyds Road bridge in Mount Taylor is frequently used by heavy haulage vehicles associated with the two nearby gravel pits. The new single span bridge will have a load rating of 68 tonne. Once work begins, the project is expected to take six weeks to complete.

While finally the bridge on Tices Road, Omeo has had a 20-tonne load limit for over a decade. Tambo Constructions will replace this bridge with a new single span steel and concrete bridge. It is expected to be completed in under 10 weeks.

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