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Michael O'Brien Tour

Michael O'Brien Tour

Gippsland East Tim Bull toured East Gipps with the Leader of the Liberal Party

Our Member for Gippsland East Tim Bull toured East Gippsland with the Leader of the State Liberal Opposition, Michael O'Brien; boasting a vast itinerary including stops at the Lindenow Valley's Busch Organics Celery Paddock, as well as Bullock Island in Lakes Entrance.

Busch Celery Paddock in Lindenow Valley has suffered a severe shortage of seasonal workers due to Covid-19 restrictions, leading to a disheartening $150,000 worth of crops lost and plowed back into the ground.

Mr. Bull states that "this is something we've been highlighting to the Government for the past 6 months .... Unless we can open the pathway to have the quarantining streamlined, and get these workers into the field, this is something that's going to keep continuing over the coming weeks"

Moreover, Mr. Bull noted the importance of addressing issues regarding unloading facilities for the Lakes Entrance Fisherman's Co-Op at Bullock Island, as he noted the piers have been for the past 12 months "in a state of disrepair". Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Bull have noted what works are required to ensure the piers are in a usable condition, coming to a sum near $3,000,000.

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Mr. Bull also notes that the "backbone of the Lakes entrance economy is built on the tourism and it's built on the fishing industry", furthering the urgency of these works.

Michael O'Brien toured with Tim throughout East Gippsland to see how the recovery is coming along, calling on the Government to "act urgently to get those workers in, help with quarantine, and let them get out on farms and do what they love doing."

El spoke with Michael O'Brien & Tim Bull about these issues and more, click above to hear the full interview.

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