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May's Day to Turn 100

May's Day to Turn 100

Traralgon local makes milestone count, even in iso.

Traralgon resident May O'Reilly wasn't going to let isolation spoil the celebration of her 100th year over the weekend.

May, who lives with her daughter Ges, had a fabulous day which included receiving a messages from the Queen, along with Russell Northe MP and Mayor Dan Clancy.

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May had a singing card emailed to her by ex Morwell girl - artist Alison Rae Jones.

She was given a gift of a 1920 penny.

She had a drive by out the front of my house while she sat on the verandah. At 11am a fire truck and a convoy of cars drove by slowly with balloons hanging out the windows and friends and family with party hats on. A man in a kilt played Happy Birthday on the bagpipes.

She was given a framed drawing of herself depicting 3 stages of her life by a local artist Jess Wright.

She cut her 100th Birthday Cake given and decorated by Katie Membrey.

She had lots of photos taken holding her framed letter from the queen, an Apostolic blessing from the Pope, letter from the Prime Minister,Governor General, a framed certificate from the Victorian Parliament signed by Russell Northe, and flowers from Councillor Dan Clancey.

Home made sausage rolls was her request for lunch, and roast pork and vegetables for dinner.

May also had an hour long virtual "house party" with family in Canberra and Melbourne, while recounting memories and event's from the past.

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