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Man Drowns at Paynesville

Man Drowns at Paynesville

Second East Gippsland drowning in three days

There has been another drowning in East Gippsland, this time a Bairnsdale man who was swimming at Paynesville.

The 45-year-old man was with his wife and family in waters off Sunset Drive at around 4.45 this afternoon, when he got into difficulty.

The man was pulled from the water and attempts were made to resuscitate him. However he died at the scene.

The death follows another drowning three days ago, just a short distance away at Forge Creek.

A woman got into trouble after trying to save her child in Lake Victoria.

When she got into trouble she was pulled from the water by family and friends but was unable to be revived.

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Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville said an online safety message campaign would be expanded and be more targeted at those deemed at higher risk of drowning.

“Each and every one of those deaths is one too many.

“What that tells us is we’ve got to reach a range of people in a range of areas.

“There are risks out there, we want to get the message out to people to minimise that risk.”

Victoria's Emergency Management Commissioner has urged the public to remain vigilant around water.

"If we are going to take anything away from these deaths, and we should take something away from them, it's just have them in them back of your mind, whether you are going to the beach, going to inland waterways, just think about the people that have died," Commissioner Andrew Crisp said.

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