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LRH Review Findings

LRH Review Findings

LRH Mental Health Review Findings

An independent review into workplace culture within Latrobe Regional Hospital's Mental Health Service has produced thirteen recommendations, which will be endorsed in full by the LRH Board.

The final report was released yesterday by LRH Board Chair Linda McCoy, showing the findings of BWH Mediation and Workplace Relations, who were engaged by the hospital to conduct the internal review in April 2019.

77 staff from across Latrobe Regional Hospital's seven sites took part in the review, while submissions were also received from two unions.

Staff were encouraged to take part, with any information they disclosed to remain confidential.

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The review found staff from 5 of the 7 LRH sites rated their experience of work place culture as between 'good and excellent', while staff at sites in Korumburra and Wonthaggi rated their experience between 'very poor and poor'.

The report stated that areas with the lowest workplace culture ratings shared common issues such as ambiguity over reporting lines, poor communication and junior staff being placed in situations they were not experienced or comfortable with.

The consultants received a number of submissions regarding alleged conduct of a small number of staff, which if substantiated would meet the Fair Work Act definition of workplace bullying, while one matter would constitute sexual harassment.

The board apologised to the roughly 350 workers who are employed across the seven sites, while also instructing LRH's executive team to develop an action plan to implement the recommendations.

LRH Board Chair Linda McCoy said the review had been an eye-opening experience, with staff able to offer insights into the challengers of working in the mental health sector.

"This is a dynamic and demanding environment in which there are workforce shortages and heavy workloads for some staff," Mrs McCoy said.

"Adding to that scenario unfortunately, are examples of behaviours which don't reflect the values of LRH"

"The thing about LRH at the moment is we've gone through an incredible growth period, and I think the HR processes, our systems and processes that have done really well for us for the past 10-15 years have suddenly been inundated".

"While this alleged conduct was carried out by a small number of staff, the review has highlighted the need for LRH to strengthen its human resources processes which enable grievances or complaints to be escalated".

Staff who raised concerns during the report have been encouraged to come forward and report their issues formally, so that action can be taken.

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