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File photo: Covid testing

Latrobe Covid report

Latrobe Covid report

File photo: Covid testing

Call for greater collaboration between health services in Latrobe Covid-19 response

Latrobe Health Advocate, Jane Anderson has partnered with the Gippsland Primary Health Network to produce a report which details the impact of COVID-19 in the Latrobe Valley.

The report, COVID-19 Impact and Recovery in Latrobe, is designed to identify system gaps, consider broader opportunities for health system reform, and provide advice to the Victorian Government and local service organisations about the key commitments required to steer recovery in the Valley.

Among them, more support for people to access technology and data, greater collaboration between health services, a whole of government approach for bolstering digital infrastructure, patient-centred care, and community-led recovery.

To achieve these and other recommended commitments and inform a healthy and equitable COVID-19 recovery for Latrobe, the report suggests a collective approach between organisations and services needs to be established.

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“Throughout 2020 I heard from communities, businesses and governments about issues and gaps in the system. I heard about digital inclusion and exclusion, mental health and wellbeing, access to services, social connections, increases in food insecurity and financial stress,” Latrobe Health Advocate Jane Anderson said.

“Working in partnership with Gippsland Primary Health Network has enabled us to test our analysis of what we have heard from people in the community. Combining the analysis of community experience with GPHN’s analysis of mega trends, opportunities and risks, provides an informed picture of the experience in Latrobe to ensure COVID-19 response and recovery efforts are tailored to the local experience.”

The report will be provided to the Victorian Government, local services and organisations within the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone. It draws on engagement data and events that occurred during 2020, in which Melbourne and regional Victoria were significantly impacted by measures put in place to protect communities and limit the spread of the virus.

"The most recent COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria has shown us that the future remains uncertain and reminds us that the pandemic will continue to have health and economic impacts in Latrobe communities, reinforcing the importance of actions to address the report’s findings," Ms Anderson said.

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