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Later bushfire start

Later bushfire start

Spring rain may delay Gippsland's bushfire season

With a La Nina weather event expected to bring heavier Spring rain, the CFA is predicting a later start to the upcoming bushfire season.

Last year's devastating season started around September but fuel areas are far less dry this year, potentially pushing the start back to December or early January.

CFA Assistant Chief Officer - South East Region, Trevor Owen said they are prepared for whatever comes this summer.

"If the weather changes and it does start to dry out earlier than what we predict, we are ready to protect the communities.

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"We do a lot of maintaining of skills - that's been challenging in recent weeks. It's had to be done online due to the Covid.

"And we're also doing some of those practical processes now that the restrictions are being reduced."

Last summer's bushfire season proved devastating for East Gippsland so heavier Spring rain is hoped to provide some relief this year.

However ACO Owen is warning residents across Gippsland to still be prepared.

"Complacency in terms of the bushfire season is one of the biggest things that we face.

"People, unless they've been through the experience in recent times, tend to have this attitude of 'it won't happen to me'.

"Research tells us the best way you can save life and property is through being prepared."

Online help to plan and prepare from the CFA:

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