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Josh will cut his hair on his 13th Birthday

Young Josh is just 13 and for the past 6 years he's been growing his hair. But on his 13th birthday this Sunday he'll get his hair cut and donate his locks to children with Cancer.

Josh wants to raise money for 2 charities, Our Haven Wildlife Shelter and Kids with Cancer.

Lisa from Lisa’s Hair at Home in Golden Beach has offered to come and cut his hair.

The big cut will be at the pop up Nuffin’ Fancy Baked Potato restaurant at Gary Powers Real Estate in Loch Sport.

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$3 from every potato sold on the day and $3 from every candle or diffuser sold on the day will be donated to the two charities Josh nominated!

Let's show how much difference one big-hearted, caring little boy can make in the world!

Josh will lose his locks at 12 pm this Sunday at Gary Powers Real Estate at 56 Lake Street, Loch Sport.

If you're unable to make it the fundraising links are open online at Our Haven Wildlife Shelter Kids with Cancer Foundation

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