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Hope Centre On Track

Hope Centre On Track

The Hope Restart Centre on track to be finished by end of 2019

The Hope Restart Centre for alcohol and drug rehabilitation is on target to be completed by the end of 2019, with the likelihood that the first clients will be accepted in the opening half of 2020.

Nationals Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, visited the site this week to view the progress of construction under local building company Brooker Builders. Bull commended the efforts of the community in helping to ensure the project.

"There is no doubt the government originally planned to build this facility elsewhere, that was made very clear to me at Parliament, but the community effort that just kept ticking boxes, made it impossible for the Minister to not strongly consider Bairnsdale - he told me that himself," said Mr Bull.

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“In the end the State Government really only had to commit to recurrent funding (which was announced last year) as the land and capital costs had largely been secured by the Board. If the government was to build it anywhere else, it would have had to deal with the land purchase and capital costs.

“I was able to chat to Odyssey House (who will run the centre), chief executive, Stefan Gruenert, earlier this week and he confirmed that timeframes were being met, which is terrific news and this was backed up in my conversations with Ross Brooker, of Brooker Builders.

“I have visited Odyssey House’s Melbourne operation with Stefan and chatted with the clients there who are receiving rehabilitation. When you see how well they go about their operations, it leaves you in no doubt whatsoever that this will be a great asset for our entire region.”

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