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Photo: Wayne Rigg, CFA

Hazelwood Mine Fire Fine

Hazelwood Mine Fire Fine

Photo: Wayne Rigg, CFA

A penalty over the 2014 fire has been handed down

After being found guilty last November of 10 charges relating to Operational Health and Safety, the operator of Hazelwood mine has been fined $1.56 million over the 2014 mine fire.

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The fire, started when nearby bushfire embers ignited exposed coal at the mine, burned for 45 days, exposing mine workers, emergency services personnel and nearby residents to dangerous carbon monoxide and other fine particles.

WorkSafe Chief Executive Colin Radford said while Hazelwood wasn't responsible for starting the fire, it should have been much better prepared for the risk, considering previous fires at the mine and the extreme weather forecast that weekend.

"Brown coal fires are notorious for emitting air-borne pollutants including carbon monoxide, the harmful effects of which are well known," Mr Radford said.

Mr. Radford said he hopes the penalty provides some closure for the Latrobe Valley community who are still recovering from the disaster.

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