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Gippsland treatment link

Gippsland treatment link

Gippsland alpacas in Covid treatment research

As active cases of Covid-19 continue to rise in Gippsland, a group of local alpacas may help lead to a treatment.

Gippsland currently has 37 recorded cases with 22 of those in Latrobe City.

Lavalla Catholic College has closed its Traralgon and Newborough campuses for cleaning, saying two cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in its school community.

And the number of cases linked to the Bupa aged care home in Traralgon rose again yesterday with another staff member contracting the virus. That is now 8 staff and 5 residents for a total of 13 active cases.

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Around Gippsland's shires, one recovery in Bass Coast brings their Covid case number to three. There is two in East Gippsland and five each in South Gippsland and Baw Baw.

Wellington has not had a case recorded since 11 July.

Meanwhile, a group of alpacas in East Gippsland may lead to a future treatment of Covid-19.

Senior Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Synchotron, Professor Michael James said researchers have immunised the Bairnsdale alpacas with a fragment of the virus.

They hope one day to use their antibodies and turn them into a powerful treatment.

"When we have an immune response to a virus, our bodies create antibodies," Professor James told Melbourne station 3AW.

"If you can chop up key bits of the antibody that attacks a virus, you can use those fragments, called nanobodies in this case, to bind to the virus and stop the virus from entering our cells."

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