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Gippsland fire risk

Gippsland fire risk

The return of hot weather brings bushfire concerns for Gippsland

Hot weather a concern for the region this weekend as fire agencies continue to work on three bushfires across Gippsland.

Summer may be coming to an end however the Gippsland community faces more hot and dry weather over the coming days with emergency services on high alert.

Fire patrols will be increased and emergency management teams will be pre-positioned across the region to manage any new fires.

Gippsland Regional Controller Tony O’Day is advising the community that much care is needed, particularly as the region will experience hot and dry conditions leading into this weekend.

“We are continuing to remind people that the risk of new fires is very real as the weekend is fast approaching. The weather bureau has forecast increased temperatures and a possibility of dry lightning across Gippsland. As we have seen all summer the landscape is very dry and new fires can start and spread very quickly” Mr O’Day explained.

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“The increased hot weather has also resulted in Heat Health warnings being issued for parts of Gippsland.”

“We are urging our community and visitors to the region to take care. Be aware of heat health issues. Look after yourself and your neighbours, particularly the elderly and vulnerable.

“Never leave children or animals in cars in hot weather” Mr O’Day explained.

The community are reminded that fire restrictions remain in place. No burning off is permitted without a permit and any campfires must comply with regulations.

“Please take the time to re-think your actions in this hot weather. If it’s not absolutely necessary to use machinery like grinders, welders and slashers or to have campfires please don’t”. Mr O’Day concluded

Three major fires continue to burn within control lines across the region. Some 429 fire fighters; supported by 16 Bulldozers and 18 Aircraft, are working throughout the region to ensure that these fires remain within control lines.

For up to date information and advice regarding bushfires and emergencies go to or on the VicEmergency app, or by phoning the VicEmergency hotline on 1800 226 226

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