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East Gip Murder Sentence

East Gip Murder Sentence

Man Sentenced Over 2018 Bairnsdale Murder

A man who bludgeoned his housemate to death during a drunken argument in their Bairnsdale home has been jailed for 25 years.

Sean Adrian Marshall believed Thomas Jaafar was a pedophile (the allegation is unproven) and thought he’d been snooping through his room, when things finally came to a head in March last year.

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The pair was drinking and listening to music when Marshall grabbed a wooden baton Jaafar kept for protection and repeatedly struck the 62 year old to the head.

Leaving his housemate for dead, Marshall then tried to burn down the house to cover up his crime.

Justice Lex Lasry described the savage attack as thoroughly unprovoked, adding whatever he thought about the victim was absolutely no excuse.

The 35 year old must spend 17 years behind bars before being eligible for parole.

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