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Dredgers demolished

Dredgers demolished

Hazelwood mine dredgers to be blast-felled

The next phase of major demolition works at the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project will see four of the decommissioned dredgers within the Morwell mine demolished in the coming months. The first of them tomorrow, Thursday.

The largest of the bucket wheel excavators that worked the former mine, all four will be explosively blast-felled to achieve an engineered controlled collapse and subsequently mechanically dismantled, with materials removed for recycling over a period of time.

Because all four are within the mine area, the works will not be visible to the community. An exclusion zone will be established around each of the dredgers to ensure the safety of the workforce.

The felling of each will take only about 10 to 15 seconds.

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The controlled collapse methodology has been selected by ENGIE Hazelwood’s demolition contractor Delta Group for health and safety reasons, following a detailed options analysis and risk assessment process in consultation with regulatory agencies.

The size and design of the dredgers is such that attempts to demolish by conventional means are deemed potentially dangerous. The explosive cutting charges will enable the dredgers to be brought to ground for safe dismantling, removal and recycling.

Because of the location of each of the dredgers, significant noise or vibration issues are not expected.

The works will take place over a number of weeks between mid October and December 2020.

There is no remaining asbestos-containing material in any of the dredgers. All such components have been removed during decommissioning and demolition preparation.

No road closures are expected.

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