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Commissioners sacked

Commissioners sacked

AFL Gippsland commissioners asked to resign over finances

All six commissioners of AFL Gippsland have been stood down amid concerns about its finances.

AFL Victoria asked the commissioners, including acting chairman John Schelling, to resign at last night's monthly meeting of the AFL Gippsland commission.

AFL Victoria said their Gippsland body did not have sufficient funds and was trading insolvent.

It's believed the AFL will appoint an interim commission from its headquarters in Melbourne and fund the deficit incurred by AFL Gippsland.

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One of the departing commissioners, John White, told the Pakenham Gazette: “This, in no way, damages the good work being undertaken by the current staff of AFL Gippsland.

“(Region general manager) Ben Joske has been a breath of fresh air and has shown fantastic leadership, and has put the ship on the right course.

“This has devastated the commissioners again, as the working relationship between all was starting to show positive results.

“Had AFL Victoria supported the commission, as had been requested, this situation could have been avoided,” Mr White told the paper.

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