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Six year old Ed Biemans

Family cancer battle

Family cancer battle

Six year old Ed Biemans

Covid splits family while 6 year old Ed receives cancer treatment

A Gippsland family is currently facing its biggest challenge, made even harder by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Six year old Ed Biemans is suffering with Stage 3 Hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer that has spread to his lungs.

Ed's parents, Sammy and Hayden, are staying at Ronald McDonald House in Melbourne, while restrictions keep their four year old daughter Eleanor in Alberton.

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Eddie's aunty Aleisha says it has been a tough time for the family.

"It has impacted them hugely. They've never been apart before.

"Eleanor is apart from her family, and financially Hayden has had to take time off work to be three hours away, down in Melbourne with him. So they don't have an income anymore.

"They're pushing through but obviously it's quite traumatising for them.

Public donations are being sought to help the family, particularly while Hayden can't work. Money raised will help with expenses and to enable alternative accommodation so that Eleanor can be with them. It is hoped there will also be enough to help support Eddie's ongoing treatment plan.

Donations can be made to:
Samantha and Hayden Biemans
BSB: 083 832
Acc: 84571 6916

The family would appreciate any financial support the public can provide.

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